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August 2017 Newsletter

By Oakman Aerospace, Inc. - August 2, 2017

August 2017
"Making Space For Everyone"

Launching Into Small Satellite 2017

As the summer comes to a close, OAI is proud to highlight the accomplishments of our summer interns Jaquelyn and Lucas. They have worked hard all summer on STEM outreach, research and develeopment, and new opportunities happening at OAI. We want to show our appreciation to them and their hardwork in this newsletter and announce that OAI is exhibiting for the first time at the 31st Small Satellite Conference in Logan, UT! We hope you will stop by our booth (#13) or share on social media! Thanks for your support and we are proud of all the things going on at OAI!

First Exhibition at 31st Annual Small Satellite Conference

This year’s 31st Small Satellite Conference, in Logan, Utah, USA, will feature a live demonstration of Oakman Aerospace, Inc.’s (OAI) Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network (ACORN) interfacing with a New Space Systems, South Africa, Reaction Wheel Assembly (RWA), to demonstrate how Modular Open-System Architectures (MOSA) are changing the way the world operates in space. OAI’s ACORN product is a scalable, closed-loop, end-to-end mission modeling and simulation platform that enables detailed design, development, and test capabilities throughout the mission life-cycle (Concept Definition through Mission Operations). The system is designed to be modular and is capable of running hardware-in-the-loop, 100% simulated, or a mixture of hardware and simulated components to be able to conduct mission/payload trades and analyses.  ACORN has a vast array of analytical tools and benchmarking software suites that monitor functional and performance aspects of the processor/backplane, sensor/effector, and dynamic/ephemeris data.   Through MOSA design, ACORN also allows for quickly integrating components as will be demonstrated with the New Space Systems RWA at the conference (OAI Booth #13). This demonstration highlights the new partnership between OAI and NSS to assist in bring world class parts manufactured in South Africa into the U.S. market. By leveraging current Intellectual Property and synergies between OAI and NSS, the parties plan to deliver rapid and responsive products and services that support the modular development of small satellite systems, sub-systems and components for greater quality and reduced costs to customers.
Stanley Kennedy, President and Chief Systems Engineer for OAI, commented with the following: “Oakman Aerospace is very excited for this opportunity to continue working with New Space Systems in developing and advancing Modular, open-systems architecture and leveraging the competitive advantage this partnership brings to the United States and world markets. OAI and NSS look forward to providing the best possible engineering products and services for their academic, government, and industry partners.”

OAI Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

On Friday July 14th, OAI was joined by its closest friends and family to help celebrate its 5 year anniversary. For any small business 5 years in business is a huge feat, but for OAI it means so much more. Born from the closure of Comtech AeroAstro, OAI hit the ground running its very first day in business and has been busy ever since. Stanley Kennedy, Jr., Maureen O’Brien, and Stanley Kennedy, Sr. were joined in this endeavor by a handful of Comtech employees, including Warren Langley and Michael Reher, who are still here today. Since then, OAI has grown to 15 hardworking individuals. OAI employees were excited to present Stan, Maureen and Stan Sr. with some congratulatory gifts, including a personalized photo book and a handmade, oak shingle representing the strength and stability that OAI has gained over the past 5 years. Over bar-b-que and some adult beverages, OAI had a chance to play ladder ball, giant jenga and enjoy the company of those that helped to get to where OAI is today. OAI President, Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr. had this to say, “Maureen and I deeply appreciate all that attended our 5 year anniversary celebration. It is because of our friends, family and co-workers that we have been so successful. We would like to especially thank our OAI family, to include owners, operators, employees and family members. We are looking forward to the next 5 years of successes.”

Summer Interns Conduct Test of After-School Rocketry Program

On Wednesday July 19, 2017, Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI) employees and interns went to Dry Creek Park in Longmont, Colorado to perform a test launch for the STEM outreach program they have been working on this summer. The outreach is an after school rocketry program to encourage students in the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) to pursue a career in the aerospace industry or other STEM related fields. The interns at OAI have developed a curriculum that will provide a broad scope of knowledge in electronics, programming, and aerospace engineering which culminates in launching a model rocket using a smart phone. The rocket also carries a Raspberry Pi Zero based payload to collect altitude, pressure, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer data. On July 19, the OAI team successfully launched and recovered their demo rocket and test payload four times ensuring that the rocket could be launched from the smartphone, and that the payload functions as designed. The materials will be shipped to EUPISD later this month, and OAI is excited to be part of this program.


OAI Hosts CSBR Interns for Day of STEM and Career Exploration

Oakman Aerospace Inc. hosted over 30 student participants on the morning of 27 June 2017 as part of the annual CSBR Internship Program for young adults in high school and college interested in the Aerospace field. After a warm welcome and introductory presentation by President and co-founder Stanley O. Kennedy Jr. the participants broke into smaller groups to get started. Activities included a hands-on project developed by OAI University of Colorado Boulder Summer Interns Lucas Droste and Jaquelyn Romano, as well as a clean lab tour and presentation by OAI Aerospace Engineers Alex Dunn and Michael Reher. Jaquelyn and Lucas engineered a do it yourself project enabling the students to understand how a satellite gets inserted into an orbit. Using a Raspberry Pi development board (akin to a mini single-board computer), students were asked to program the appropriate sequence steps allowing direct proper “satellite” insertion. The morning concluded with a lab demonstration – complete with suiting up in clean, electronically safe gowns and booties. The presentation allowed students to view a demonstration of a realistic end-to end simulation, detailing each function and component required to successfully execute a satellite mission. The morning closed with an opportunity to ask questions of OAI’s president and engineering staff completing another year of opening up the doors to the daily functions of an aerospace company. Oakman Aerospace Inc. is proud to be a part of educating young adults with an interest in the aerospace field.

Upcoming Events

Date Event
August 5th-10th Small Satellite Conference Logan, UT Booth #13
August 16th CSBR Beers n' Brats: Annual Networking Social
December 6th CSBR 14th Annual Colorado Space Roundup

Final Thoughts

Exciting news is on the horizon! Keep your eye out for more announcments and developments happenign at OAI! August is set to be a big month for OAI and we look forward to sharing it with you! Follow us on social media to get the most up to date news!

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