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July 2017 Newsletter

By Oakman Aerospace Inc. - July 20, 2017

July 2017
"Making Space For Everyone"

Five Years of OAI

This summer marks a significant milestone in the history of Oakman Aerospace, Inc.! In the past five years OAI has grown and accomplished many feats, and received much recognition for the work our employees perform day-to-day. This month's newsletter is a brief history of highlights and accomplishments that OAI has been fortunate to be a part of in our now five year history!

Year 1

OAI was founded in 2012, leveraging heritage staff and IP purchased from Comtech AeroAstro upon its closure. Led by Stanley Kennedy, Sr., Stanley Kennedy, Jr., and Maureen O’Brien, OAI embarked on a journey guided by our strong principals and vision focused on “Making Space for Everyone”. In the first year of operations OAI worked with our mission partners, customers, and stakeholders to create a NewSpace company based upon our core business values.  Also the founders, understanding the importance of community participation, made the concerted effort to support and be strong proponents of the Colorado aerospace community through memberships in Colorado Space Coalition (CSC) and The Colorado Space Business Round Table (CSBR).  In addition, we continued development of the ACORN product line in preparation for its initial release. 

Year 2

Following a year of innovation and development, OAI’s ACORN product line was released and began to transform the aerospace industry. Utilizing open architectures and modular systems,  OAI’s ACORN product line enables customers to quickly and efficiently design and develop their space systems saving time and money over the entire life-cycle. In addition, OAI won the prestigious Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year Award” highlighting the advancements of OAI.


Year 3

Continuing to build off an amazing second year, business deals and accolades continued to ramp-up for OAI. Selected as a Top 50 Colorado Company to Watch, OAI created new public-private partnerships for professional and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) outreach initiatives. One of those partnerships brought OAI together with Chatfield Senior High School through NASA’s Center for the Advancement of Science In Space (CASIS) program. OAI Engineers and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) supported Chatfield students in their creation of a bioreactor experiment that would fly to the International Space Station. 

Year 4

In Year 4 OAI continued our extensive international pursuits with visits to Indonesia for the 2016 Communic Conference, a tour in South Africa, and Malta for the 4S Symposium – where OAI had its first exhibit booth! During the year, OAI continued to do great things in the area of STEM outreach, including soaring to 100,000ft with a balloon satellite project. Partnered with Metro State University, OAI flew a payload to participate in the Chase Bank “Ring the Morning Bell for Small Business” advertising campaign. The year came to a close when OAI was selected as the winner of the CSBR Cosmic Contributor Award for 2016! Traditionally given to an individual, for the first time in its 13 year history it was given to OAI as a company - proving the OAI staff truly is the foundation of our success.

Year 5

Although 2017 is not complete, OAI has already had an amazing year! OAI was named a 2017 finalist for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Woman-Owned Business of the Year Award, and was selected by the Michigan Space Grant Consortium to carry-out an after-school rocketry STEM program for under-represented youth in the Upper Peninsula. While OAI continues to execute on its programs and develop our technology, we are sincerely grateful for all of the support we have received over the years. The partners and teammates that have worked with us, assisted us, and improved us are acknowledged as significant contributors to the success of OAI.

Upcoming Activities

Date Event
July 14th Five Year Anniversary Celebration
August 5th-10th Small Satellite Conference Logan, UT Booth #13
August 16th CSBR Beers n' Brats: Annual Networking Social
December 6th CSBR 14th Annual Colorado Space Roundup

Final Thoughts

With the five year anniversary of OAI on July 14th, 2017, we couldn’t be more proud and excited of the work we have done and the future ahead. Thank you for subscribing and supporting OAI! We hope to stay in touch and as always keep you posted on the great things happening at OAI!

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