Tailored Systems Engineering

OAI specializes in Class C/D missions which, by definition, allow medium-to-high risk that, in turn, allows for faster development schedules and significantly lower total program costs. With a wide variety of experience and expertise, Oakman Aerospace, Inc. is dedicated to solving the hardest and most troublesome issues facing space utilizers. As a small business, OAI manages large company processes while maintaining small company flexibility and service. We want to be of service to you and assist in the solutions that will make space more accessible to all.

Past projects include: development of design reference missions, CDR-ready spacecraft designs, mission payload design and development, space system market analysis, and system architecture and concept of operations definition

Our advanced proprietary processes satisfies NASA 7120.5E NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements and AFRL Best Practices and Procedures for Small Spacecraft Success and retains key tenants of the Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) approach with heavy tailoring for rapid and responsive programs and projects.

Our process balances: Mission Assurance, On-orbit Performance, Risk, Cost, Schedule, and Technical Requirements.

Our systems engineering works closely with our customers to assess, analyze, test, and verify that requirements and the inherit capabilities of the project are met if not surpassed.  Our detailed process incorporates: Requirement definition, development, and verification, change management, risk management, mission assurance, and general safety for team, hardware, and mission operations.

  • Dedicated, Experienced Engineering Team
  • Proprietary, Tailored Approach
  • Detailed Design Reference Missions
  • Seamless Program Transitions
  • Higher Mission Reliability Without Unnecessary Rigor