STEM for K-12

Getting started in STEM from a young age is key to establishing a lifelong pursuit of progress. OAI strongly supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) outreach efforts in our community and around the world. Our staff believes that encouraging youth in STEM-related fields is critical to maintaining a robust, high-tech aerospace workforce and a strong economy by encouraging and developing qualified technical talent to support the “new space” programs of the future. Because of this commitment, OAI is proud to participate in many STEM outreach events and to support these programs with our time, talent, and monetary commitments.


STEM programs we have participated in the past:

  • Career Exploration Events
  • College, High-school, Middle-school, & Elementary classroom lectures
  • CASIS National Design Challenge
  • Curriculum Development and Implementation
  • Colorado Space Business Roundtable Internship Program

In addition to these programs, check out our Research and Opportunities page for other resources and experiences that can help further your STEM education and experience.