Rapid & Responsive Designs


We specialize in missions with rapidly responsive space system architectures and program needs. We also have our own suite of ACORN and predesigned products that utilize a rapid and responsive architecture. OAI developed software plays a key role in our products and services, allowing users the ability to run high-fidelity simulations utilizing flight software with flight heritage and flight processor benchmarking, all in a modular, rapid and responsive environment. We know that no two missions are the same, and we are uniquely qualified to perform hardware and software evaluations quickly and efficiently to assure system configurations meet each specific mission’s needs. From idea formation through design and development culminating in on-orbit success, OAI has the products and engineering talent to carry an idea through to fruition.

Quick facts about MOSA:

  • Rapid Component Integration
  • Cube Satellite through Micro Satellite Turn-Key Configurations
  • Full Systems Engineering Process Based on AFRL & NASA Best Practices
  • Established Supply Chain for Rapid Development
  • In-house Development and Process Management
  • MOSA Compliant Buses