NewSpace Systems, SA Components

Created through a joint venture between the South African company SCS Aerospace Group and the Dutch SSBV Group in 2013, NewSpace Systems, SA today has the capability to design and manufacture a range of components and sub-systems from both its facilities in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Particularly strong in the area of Attitude Control Systems; NewSpace predominantly focuses on excelling in the small satellite market.

Oakman Aerospace, Inc. is proud to be a certified reseller of NSS components and sub-systems and can assist in getting parts and pieces into your mission today. OAI assists in the import process for these components and manages the often laborious effort of interfacing with U.S. government entities related to the process. OAI has also worked with NSS parts in various integration, assembly, and testing efforts to support a variety of customers. 

Quick facts about NSS:

  • NewSpace Systems is a South African, privately owned advanced manufacturer of “lean”, high-quality space components and sub-systems.
  • 11+ Years of Production
  • 400+ Components Sold
  • Flight Heritage
  • OAI ACORN certified
  • Reliable

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