Import & Export


International trade, import, and export is complex and difficult to traverse due to intense regulation, continuous evolution of international relations, and endless policy updates and amendments. Victory requires an international approach built on a foundation of the constantly changing legal, business, and political landscape.

Oakman Aerospace, Inc. assists clients in overcoming obstacles by helping them comply with laws and regulations while achieving their goals. Combining our in-depth engineering and mission application background with a focus for international export and import regulations, we are able to help clients identify opportunities across the globe and develop strategies to overcome foreseen hurdles. Our expertise has been developed from many missions and partnerships both domestic and internationally and is distinguished by our commitment of service to our clients.

Previous export and import experiences include:

  • International launch of U.S. satellites and payloads
  • Export of ITAR/EAR controlled satellite and space technology
  • Software development for international compliance and export-ability
  • Import of foreign made components and subsystems for U.S. missions
  • U.S. to foreign relations related to satellite launch and payload development

Have a need for U.S./international export expertise?

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