Leveraging our existing technology, knowledge of satellite bus design, functionality and application, and extensive partnerships with component, sub-system and segment suppliers/providers, OAI can assist in determining, acquiring and integrating the various parts and pieces required for mission success. Through our Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) concept validation and performance testing, OAI has developed and proved its capability to handle and work with flight hardware (including flight optics), payload simulations and functionality, and mission segments (ground, control, guidance & navigation) to support missions and the payloads required. Because of this capability, OAI can assist with: innovative, non-traditional missions/payloads, boutique RF design, products, and services, market assessment and teaming assistance, and regulatory insight and compliance.

About Custom Missions, Payloads, & Applications:

  • High Performance Board and Antenna Development
  • Cube and Small Satellite Board Development and Test
  • Payload Design and Build
  • Custom Mission Planning