The Oakman Name

Oakman Aerospace, Inc. was co-founded by Stanley Oakman Kennedy, Jr., Maureen S. O’Brien, and Stanley Oakman Kennedy, Sr. in July 2012. While deciding on the name of the new company, they wanted to honor their family heritage and principles that had provided the opportunity and financial abilities to start the new company. The name “Oakman” has been part of the Kennedy family’s Scottish traditions for over one-hundred years solely in the United States and many hundreds of years throughout the World. The original Scottish Kennedy Clan’s Badge is the “Oak”, and therefore, if you are an “Oakman” you belong to the Kennedy Clan. The “Oak Tree” logo depicts the actual oak tree protecting the barn on the Kennedy Homestead and it is a symbol of the strength and trust necessary for success in all life’s endeavors. The guiding principles of Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI) incorporate inclusiveness for our employees, customers, teammates, and suppliers.

Our Mantra: Enabling Your Journey Through Space

Our Facility

Our Littleton, Colorado headquarters has approximately 11,300 square feet of secured offices, engineering, and test laboratory space which includes 1,000 square feet of engineering laboratory space, several test areas, and modular test stations. OAI has the capability and capacity to simultaneously design, assemble, integrate, and test programs or perform multiple technology test and evaluation efforts.  The assembly and test laboratories are equipped with regularly calibrated measuring and test equipment. The laboratories have six independent workstations equipped with modern assembly equipment and tools. The facility is in full compliance with all OSHA and State safety requirements.  OAI laboratory space has the ability to host flight components using clean room level laminar flow benches with individual temperature and humidity controls.

Our Employees

Employees are the foundation of OAI. Our products reflect our people and their visionary nature of the future of space. OAI personnel have extensive bus and payload integration experience, and leverage a tailored systems engineering approach to assure mission success. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and have an unwavering commitment to doing their best for the people who use our products beyond what is written. They are constantly leveraging their own skills and that of their peers to unlock that next solution that will revolutionize space.

Maureen S. O'Brien

Maureen S. O'Brien

Co-founder & CEO

Maureen S. O’Brien is the Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at Oakman Aerospace, Inc. Ms. O’Brien has over twenty years of experience in the Aerospace field. In her role as CEO, she works to guide the strategic direction of OAI both domestically and internationally. Further, she oversees the ITAR/Export Control program and contracting at OAI. Her past experience includes program/project management, international business development and compliance, proposal management, system security, and modeling and simulation utilizing System ToolKit (STK) and various spacecraft analysis tools. Ms. O’Brien has worked extensively, both at the regional and national levels, to support the continuing efforts to reform the U.S. ITAR/Export Control laws via working groups and Colorado economic development offices. Ms. O’Brien’s career began in the U.S. Navy as an aviation structural mechanic on the P-3 Orion, and from there transitioned to industry with positions held at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, General Dynamics, and Comtech AeroAstro.

Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr, President

Stanley O. Kennedy Jr.

Co-founder, President & CSE

Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr. serves as the Co-founder, President, and Chief Systems Engineer of OAI and has over thirty-five years of direct, hands-on experience in aerospace engineering, having worked on heavy-lift launch vehicles, upper stages, and multiple spacecraft programs and ground systems, supporting government and commercial customers both domestic and international. Mr. Kennedy earned his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA, and an M.S. in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. He is an Associate Fellow and lifetime member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), serving at both the regional and national levels. Mr. Kennedy is the Technical Chairman of the AIAA/SmallSat Frank J. Redd Student Competition held annually in conjunction with the AIAA/SmallSat Conference in Logan, UT, and is a member of AIAA Standards Executive Council (SEC). He also serves on the U.S. Commerce Department’s Industry Trade Advisory Council on Aerospace (ITAC-1). Mr. Kennedy is a member of the Technical Committee of the Small Satellite Systems & Service (4S) Symposium, and serves as the Vice Chair of the Colorado Companies to Watch (CCTW) Alumni Committee and as Member Chair on the Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR) Board of Directors. Mr. Kennedy has held technical and management/executive positions with Comtech AeroAstro, General Dynamics – Advanced Information Systems, and Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.

Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr, President

Stanley O. Kennedy Sr.

Co-founder & Executive Vice President

Stanley O. Kennedy, Sr. has over thirty-four years of project management and systems development/acquisition of Strategic and Satellite Systems, including directing the DoD Nuclear Weapons Effects Research & Testing programs for radiation effects on electronics; survivability of ICBM, ALCM, Space and C3I systems; system acquisition of Minuteman launch systems; development/acquisition of DSP satellite & ground terminal systems; program management/acquisition of survivable C3I systems and survivable, adaptive SIOP planning systems; and T&E of ABM mid-course intercept systems (GBI) design concepts. Stan earned a B.S. in Physics from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a M.S. in Nuclear Physics (and post-masters study in Solid State Physics) from the University of Illinois, Urbana, IL. He served as U.S. National Leader, TTPC (The Tri-Partite Committee) for Nuclear Radiation Effects, and as an invited member of the Vulnerability Working Groups for Minuteman ICBM, Poseidon/Trident SLBM, and Safeguard Spartan/Sprint systems. He has hands-on experience in conducting nuclear weapons radiation effects testing at Nevada Test Site, at radiation sources (Sandia & White Sands fast-burst reactors) and LINAC, Flash-Xray, and pulsed 14-Mev neutron facilities. Stan has held technical and program management positions with Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, and with the Secretary of Defense, AF Space Division, Minuteman ICBM Program Office, Defense Nuclear Agency and AF Weapons Lab.

Company Awards & Recognition

Inc. 5000
NewSpace People Company Winner
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Business Awards: Minority or Woman-Owned Business of the Year 2017 Finalist
Colorado Companies to Watch 2015 Winner
Denver Metro Chamber Emerging Business of the Year 2014 Business Awards Finalist

Professional Organizations

Colorado Space Coalition
Colorado Space Business Roundtable
International Trade Assistance Center
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics