Assembly, Integration and Test



A competent and experienced bus/payload provider and integrator are crucial to the success of spaceflight missions.  Oakman Aerospace, Inc. personnel have extensive bus and payload integration experience and leverage a tailored systems engineering approach to assure mission success. OAI possesses exclusive design; development; modeling and simulation; and, assembly, integration, and test capabilities that enable the cost-effective configuration of spacecraft systems and mission trades and analyses. Our philosophy is focused on spacecraft bus designs, payload accommodation and integration, and launch vehicle integration activities that support our customer’s and partner’s mission.

OAI is uniquely qualified to perform hardware and software evaluations quickly and efficiently to assure system configurations meet mission needs. Additionally, OAI continuously leverages our lessons learned from spacecraft development efforts for both the Department of Defense (DoD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and industry to effectively tailor processes and procedures to each mission to help reduce total space mission program costs while maintaining quality and mission assurance over the program life-cycle for current and future space missions.

  • Experienced AI &T Staff
  • AI&T Facilities for Quick Development
  • Custom Tailored Mission Assurance Processes and Procedures
  • Personalized Mission Metrics and Quality Assurance