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Flight Proven Software
Physics Based Simulation
Industry Standard Processor Benchmark Tools

Traditional satellite programs and contracts require costly custom planning and implementation. OAI developed software allows users the ability to run high-fidelity simulations, utilizing flight software with flight heritage, and preform flight processor benchmarking, all in modular, rapid, and responsive environment.

Our suite of software allows for streamlined mission planning, requirement satisfaction, and baseline mission hardware for integration.

Key Software Capabilities


OAISS provides physics-based environmental simulation, spacecraft component modeling, and propagation of the state in a Real-Time environment. The simulation software consists of components models, environment models, state propagator, and a graphical user interface control.

Flight Software

OAI’s Flight Software consists of: test software, attitude determination and control system (ADCS) software, command and telemetry (C&T) interface. Our flight software has been maintained and improved upon to deliver the best operational code while maintaining it historical proven ability.


The Benchmark Evaluation Software Suite is a suite of industry standard processor benchmark tools. BESSe will evaluate your components processor against a number of common benchmarks and provide your component with an accurate score that can be used for analysis, product assurance or marketing.

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