Large Company Process with Small Company Agility

OAI specializes in Class C/D missions which, by definition, allow medium-to-high risk that, in turn, allows for faster development schedules and significantly lower total program costs. With a wide variety of experience and expertise, Oakman Aerospace, Inc. is dedicated to solving the hardest and most troublesome issues facing space utilizers. As a small business, OAI manages large company processes while maintaining small company flexibility and service. We want to be of service to you and assist in the solutions that will make space more accessible to all.

Past projects include:

development of design reference missions
CDR-ready spacecraft designs
mission payload design and development
space system market analysis
system architecture and concept of operations definition

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Systems Engineering

Our advanced proprietary processes satisfies:

NASA 7120.5E “NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements”

“AFRL Best Practices and Procedures for Small Spacecraft Success


and retains key tenants of the Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) approach with heavy tailoring for rapid and responsive programs and projects.

Our process also balances:

Mission Assurance
On-orbit Performance

Technical Requirements


Our systems engineering works closely with our customers to assess, analyze, test, and verify that requirements and the inherit capabilities of the project are met if not surpassed.  Our detailed process incorporates: Requirement definition, development, and verification, change management, risk management, mission assurance, and general safety for team, hardware, and mission operations.

Modeling & Simulation

Our modular, open-system architecture approach enables a large verity of implementation for modeling and simulation. The system can accommodate various third party modules and tools or OAI develop specific modules to meet customers’ needs. We maintain our own proprietary set of physics based environment models, component generic and specific models of all various spacecraft components, and event driven simulation architecture to provide the best fidelity and value through our modular, open-systems. 

Assembly, Integration & Test

A competent and experienced bus/payload provider and integrator are crucial to the success of spaceflight missions.  Oakman Aerospace, Inc. personnel have extensive bus and payload integration experience and leverage a tailored systems engineering approach to assure mission success. OAI possesses exclusive design; development; modeling and simulation; and, assembly, integration, and test capabilities that enable the cost-effective configuration of spacecraft systems and mission trades and analyses. Our philosophy is focused on spacecraft bus designs, payload accommodation and integration, and launch vehicle integration activities that support our customer’s and partner’s mission.

OAI is uniquely qualified to perform hardware and software evaluations quickly and efficiently to assure system configurations meet mission needs. Additionally, OAI continuously leverages our lessons learned from spacecraft development efforts for both the Department of Defense (DoD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and industry to effectively tailor processes and procedures to each mission to help reduce total space mission program costs while maintaining quality and mission assurance over the program life-cycle for current and future space missions.

End-to-End Mission Services

From idea formation through design and development, culminating in on-orbit success, OAI has the products and engineering talent to carry an idea through to fruition. Much of this is done with the ACORN and software products offered by OAI which allows us to test our customer’s products and services anywhere on Earth, cutting program costs and schedules by 25-32%. 

In addition to our tools, OAI maintains a small team of dedicated engineers with expertise in Tailored Systems Engineering; Assembly, Integration, & Test (AI&T); Guidance, Navigation, & Control (GN&C); Flight Software; Digital Signal Processing; RF Phenomenology; Mechanical and Electrical Design and Development; Modeling and Simulation; Mission Design and Operations; Launch Vehicle Integration and Day of Launch Support.  Our staff executes programs through all phases—from design and development through production, AI&T, and launch.

The combination of OAI’s satellite simulation and integration tools, coupled with the tailored systems engineering, requirements development, and risk management process, and leveraging the combined engineering experience and success record ensures our customer’s missions will have low risk liability with a high probability of success. 

Market Analysis & Consulting

Leveraging experience as both a prime contractor and a subcontractor, OAI will partner with you to develop more insight about new-to-you market segments and offer guidance to build commercially viable systems in a cost effective and competitive manner. In addition, OAI’s seasoned employees can help navigate the often turbulent regulatory environment to ensure your mission doesn’t get caught in endless Red-Tape. OAI has worked closely with the Department of Commerce Industry Trade Advisory Center, U.S. Senators and Congressmen, and is well equipped to meet ITAR/EAR export regulations.

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