When it comes to hardware solutions, OAI applies cutting edge technological innovations for improved performance and capability while managing cost and time to delivery. OAI’s products have been developed over many years to bring them to their advanced stages. All of our products focus on being 

Open Solutions


It is hard to say all of the things our products can do thanks to their modular and reconfigurable nature, but below we point out a start to the endless ways they can assist in your mission.


Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network 

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The Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network (ACORN) is a closed-loop, end-to-end mission modeling and simulation environment that enables detailed design, development, and test capabilities that simulate the behavior of an intended satellite mission

Multifunctional Appliqué Sensor Interface Module (MFA)

The MFA is an OAI developed modular application with integrated hardware interfaces to host multiple component Appliqué Sensor Interface Modules, in real-time. Using a modular compliant architecture enables rapid component integration and use of a combination of compliant busses, as well as non-compliant busses.

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