Big Capabilities in a Small Package

With 12 employees, OAI prides ourselves by being able to manage big company process with the agility and responsive structure of being a small business.  OAI’s experience and products have been developed and shaped over multiple programs and projects that have each added new capability and functionality for future applications.

Systems Architecture

Oakman Aerospace implements a highly thought-out and evolved systems engineering approach that has been tailored from NASA & AFRL Best Practices and Procedures and other commonly used systems engineering standards to assure mission execution for small satellite system and component programs. This tailored approach, along with the team’s experience and lessons learned, provides a cost-effective process which enables a high mission reliability execution strategy. The approach retains key tenants of the Systems Engineering Management Plan with heavy tailoring for rapid and responsive programs. OAI personnel have been seasoned with the proper training, tools, and support infrastructure to increase the probability of success of the program efforts. Using the team’s system engineering approach, cost and schedule risk factors are greatly reduced or mitigated while providing threshold/objective functional and performance technical capabilities. This approach has been successfully implemented in numerous missions with rapidly responsive needs. 

Spacecraft Design & Development

Off-the-Shelf Bus

OAI offers a fleet of pre-designed spacecraft that will allow you to quickly choose your vehicle, integrate your payload, and collect data faster and more cost effective than traditional design, build, and integrate processes.

OAI space craft range from CubeSat 1-12U configurations to Microsatellites. All of which are constellation enabled and leverage OAI’s RF and intersatellite communication experience to ensure that whether a constellation or formation flying arrangement, your data and mission are orchestrated for success.

Custom Bus

In addition to OAI’s predesigned fleet, OAI offers customizable arrangements and design work for any requirements. Drawing from previous experience and other OAI products, a custom satellite bus will fit all mission requirements while still being efficient with materials, engineering, and schedule.

Bus Acquisition

No matter the platform, OAI’s assembly, integration, and test team can get your satellite flight ready in a very competitive timeline. OAI has contacts with many of the major satellite structure manufacturers and can help you find the right bus for your mission design and budget needs. Prior to soliciting manufacturers for products, OAI works alongside your team to accurately typify your needs, constraints, and metrics for potential satellite configurations and requirements for solicitation. OAI can assist or manage the RFP process to ensure that your team gets the highest quality of workmanship within the constraints previously defined.

Mission & Payload Support

Leveraging our existing technology, knowledge of satellite bus design, functionality, and application, and extensive partnerships with component, sub-system, and segment suppliers/providers, OAI can assist in determining, acquiring, and integrating the various parts and pieces required for mission success.

If for some reason you are unsure whether or not you have all the pieces in place or need help to fill in the gaps, please contact us. OAI has integrated multiple flight hardware components for performance testing, benchmarking, and Modular Open System Architecture concept validation.  Through this testing OAI has developed and proven its capability to handle and work with flight hardware (including flight optics), payload simulations and functionality, and mission segments (ground, control, guidance & navigation) to support missions and the payloads required.




Machine shop; painting; printed circuits; full harness assembly; lamination; electronics assembly; hybrid and microwave integrated circuits; encapsulation; precision cleaning; metal treatment; wet and dry lubrication; potting; electromagnetic; flight assembly; mechanical/electronic inspection.


Environmental stress screening; component thermal and thermal vacuum; dynamics; EMC/EMI; climatics; optical; antenna ranges.


Extensive capabilities provided by CAD, simulation, Orbital Analysis, mission operations simulation workstations and personal computers.