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October 2017 Newsletter

A Fall Full of Fun

By Oakman Aerospace, Inc.- October 17, 2017

October 2017
"Making Space For Everyone"

A Fall Full of Fun

September and October has had OAI moving and shaking before the snow comes! OAI has been busy traveling around Denver and the world showing off our ACORN-R modeling and simulation system and forging new connections in and outside of the industry. Read all about our adventures: 

OAI On The Street and Across the Globe

September had OAI busy jumping from event to event. OAI was invited to Inkmonstr's '"Meet Your Maker" Event, a local print and design shop that was selected as one of this year's Colorado Companies To Watch (CCTW) Winners! Being a previous winner in 2015, OAI was able to support the new Alumni and demonstrate OAI's ACORN-R product line at the event. "Events like these allow us to get out in the community and connect with everyday people to tell them more about what's going on in the news related to space and how we fit into the aerospace industry", Alex Dunn, OAI Aerospace Engineer.

On top of the local engagement, OAI also made it across the globe to Adelaide, Australia for the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Being 'down-under' for a week allowed OAI to network with other international organizations and potential partners to identify how OAI can continue to partner globally to service the domestic and international marketplaces. OAI had a great time exploring and enjoying the local atmosphere and hopes to attend many more IAC's!

69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC)
Bremen, Germany
1st - 5th October, 2018

Stan's "Skin-in-the-Game"

For anyone who has worked with Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr., they know how much he emphasizes every team member being engaged and contributing to the success of the group. It often comes in the phrase, "I want everyone to have 'Skin-in-the-Game'". Well as of September, 'Skin-in-the-game' took on a whole new literal meaning with Stan getting the company logo as a tattoo.

Colorado Comapnies To Watch (CCTW) Alumni Golf  Outing Cancelled

Living and working in Colroado provides many benefits to our employees and lifestyle in the Mile-High City. Being able to go golfing in the morning, skiing in the afternoon, and golfing at night only happens in a few places on Earth, Colorado being one of them. While this climate is often supportive of our plans, October 9th, the day of the CCTW Aluni Golf Tournament, was not.

OAI was selected to serve as the CCTW Alumni Champion and planned a Golf Outing for CCTW Company Alumni. Set at the beautiful Perry Park County Club, OAI was set to have a great outing when the weather decided to turn sour. The first 2018 winter snow hit Denver on October 9th and caused OAI to cancel the event until next year. For all who signed up to support this event, we thank you and apologize for the inconvenience.

We look forward to next season when the weather, fingers-crossed, will cooperate.


NewSpace People Interview and Voting for Top 100 Aerospace Companies

September provided OAI the opportunity to being interviewed by NewSpace People, an online forum for announcements and industry information! OAI was pleased to be featured in September and is seeking your help to boost OAI to be in the Top 100 Aerospace Companies! To help out please visit the interview at the link below and share on social media. 
Oakman Aerospace, Inc. Interview.


Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine First Issue Released

Last month we told you about an awesome new resource coming to the State of Colorado for all students, teachers and parents. This month we are proud to announce that the Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine has been officially released! Oakman Aerospace, Inc., the Colorado Space Business Roundtable, and Wayne Carley of STEM Magazine have all worked diligently to obtain advertisements, articles, and sponsors for the October 2017 release.

There are still opportunities for sponsorship and we hope that you will join us in being part of this free e-magazine. If you weren’t sure before, you will be after checking out the October 2017 Issue.

If you are interested in advertising space please contact Ashley Meyer at You won’t be disappointed!

Upcoming Events

Date Event
December 6th CSBR 14th Annual Colorado Space Roundup

Final Thoughts

Exciting news is on the horizon! Keep your eye out for more announcements and developments happening at OAI! October is set to be a big month for OAI and we look forward to sharing it with you! Follow us on social media to get the most up to date news!

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September 2017 Newsletter

By Oakman Aerospace, Inc. - September 1, 2017

September 2017
"Making Space For Everyone"

An Eclipse To Remember

August provided a month of opportunity, accomplishment, and wonder! The much anticipated solar eclipse paired with a successful Small Satellite Conference made for an amazing month of partnerships, progress, and opportunities! As the colors begin to change for fall, OAI remains focused on building out the connections and relationships cultivated at SamllSat 2017 and working towards expanding our operations to "Make Space for Everyone". 

2017 Small Satellite Conference a Success!

The 31st Annual Small Satellite Conference in Logan UT was full of successes for OAI. The 2017 Small Sat event provided OAI the opportunity to have their first booth at the conference. Alex Dunn, Aerospace Engineer, and Oakman Kennedy, Business Operations Lead, tended the booth, demonstrating the Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network (ACORN) rack capabilities. OAI’s CEO Maureen O’Brien and President Stanley O. Kennedy Jr. were on hand as well to answer questions about the Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA). The public debut of the New Space Systems Reaction Wheel (manufactured by NSS in Cape Town, South Africa) and the ACORN Rack Hardware in the Loop (HIL) demonstration allowed attendees to witness real time commands in a fully closed simulation environment – representative of on-orbit space operation. This exciting presentation (which ran continuously throughout the week) showed the real-time Rapid and Responsive capability of the ACORN system’s ability to run high fidelity simulations tailored to any user’s needs.

The Conference was the locale for the official announcement of a new partnership between Oakman Aerospace Inc. and Teledyne Brown Engineering to develop a standard interface to simplify the process of linking customer payloads to the Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES) which offers access to the International Space Station’s power and communications channels. Oakman Aerospace Inc. can configure the MUSES interface to support standard satellite buses if customers intend to pursue free-flyer missions after space station testing.

How Stan Lost His Beard and Gave to The Students

It is no secret that one of Stan Kennedy, Jr.’s favorite times of year is during the Small Satellite Conference in Logan, UT. Small Sat attracts companies and professionals all over the world, but more importantly, it attracts students for the Frank J. Redd Student Competition, where Stan serves as the Technical Chair. Every year the Frank J. Redd student competition awards prize money to students who submitted and presented their papers. The Frank J. Redd competition relies heavily on donations and sponsorships in order to be able to award finalists for their hard work. Such begins the story of how Stan Kennedy lost his infamous beard. Each year a new and more harebrained idea surfaces to raise money for the student competition. Although it would be hard to top putting Big Daddy on the mechanical bull, Stan was sure he could do it. For those of you who do not know Stan, he is defined by his very full, and lately, very long beard. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see Stan Kennedy without some form of facial hair. So when Stan said that he would shave it all off to raise money for the student competition, everyone knew their money would be worth it, and would go to a good cause. $2,500 and a couple of razors later, Stan Kennedy stood beardless but proud. One can only wonder what will happen next year?

After-School Rocketry Program Curriculum Delivered

Lucas Droste and Jaquelyn Romano, OAI’s University of Colorado Students closed out their twelve week Summer Internship Program with the delivery of their final project, the After School Rocketry Program package. Lucas and Jaquelyn took on the challenge of developing an after school program for OAI that is  partnered with the Michigan Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) and the Michigan Space Consortium to provide educational opportunities for under-privileged regions within the school district.

The nine week program is administered by teachers (volunteering after school) who will help teach students the basics of Aerospace Engineering, culminating in the hands-on launching of a three foot model rocket using a smart phone. A few of the lesson highlights involve learning about rocket history, fundamentals of programming and electronics culminating a remote rocket launch. Three EUSPID schools were chosen to receive packages containing lesson plans and the required hardware to complete the rocket. Boxes of the materials were shipped to EUPISD in early August followed up by teleconferences with the OAI team on the mornings of August 22nd and 23rd. These meetings allowed OAI representatives and the EUPISD teachers the opportunity to walk through the entire program together, ensuring all steps were clear and executable for a smooth implementation of the pilot program.

Oakman Aerospace Inc. is proud to be a part of educating youth interested in STEM.


CSBR Beers, Brats, and Burgers

Every August, Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR) members and the surrounding aerospace community look forward to the Beers, Brats and Burgers networking event. This year OAI was proud to be a sponsor of the annual event! This year the event was held at FATE Brewing Company in Boulder, CO and welcomed CSBR members, affiliates and students. Guests had the opportunity to network over fantastic barbeque and an adult beverage. Events like this allow attendees to speak to peers they may not typically interact with and grow their networking circle.  Sponsors spoke to attendees about the importance of such events and more important, talked about all of the upcoming opportunities to get involved with CSBR and the local aerospace community. Names were then drawn for raffle prizes generously donated by CU Boulder AeroSpace Ventures, FATE Brewing Company, and OAI. It was a great event and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!


Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine is Coming

Over the past few months OAI has partnered with the Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR) and STEM Magazine Inc. to offer the Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine.  The publication will be a free monthly publication for educators and students in the State of Colorado to utilize in learning, exploring, and understanding outer space. The partnership is established to begin publishing in October of 2017 and will be available via electronic devices.

If you know of sponsors who would like advertising space for these upcoming publications, please contact

Upcoming Events

Date Event
December 6th CSBR 14th Annual Colorado Space Roundup

Final Thoughts

Exciting news is on the horizon! Keep your eye out for more announcements and developments happening at OAI! September is set to be a big month for OAI and we look forward to sharing it with you! Follow us on social media to get the most up to date news!

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Teledyne Brown Engineering and Oakman Aerospace, Inc. to Partner on MUSES & ISS Commercialization

By Oakman Aerospace, Inc. - August 11, 2017

Teledyne Brown Engineering (TBE) and Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI) announce a partnership centered on the Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES) which was launched on June 3, 2017 and is currently operating aboard the International Space Station (ISS).   This platform was developed as part of a cooperative agreement with Teledyne Brown Engineering and NASA and will provide opportunities for imaging, technology demonstration, and space qualification payloads supporting commercial, research, scientific studies, and humanitarian efforts.

Accommodating up to four payloads simultaneously, MUSES offers the ability to robotically change, upgrade, and service instruments placed aboard the ISS. In cooperation with NASA, MUSES payloads have the unique ability to returned= to earth allowing for post-mission analysis and preservation of investment through the reusability of the instrument and canister.

In order to minimize instrument modifications and reduce time to launch, Teledyne Brown Engineering is working with OAI  to develop a rapid integration, standard interface that will reduce customer cost and integration time.  The standard interface will enable communication from payloads to MUSES and the ISS environment without modification or re-design.  OAI’s interface can also be configured to support standard satellite busses if a free-flyer mission is the customer’s ultimate goal.

Customers will develop a sensor or component’s interfaces to support its intended mission.   Leveraging OAI’s modular and open-system architectures background, the hardware will seamlessly integrate the payload into the MUSES environment.  Customers receive the benefit of accelerated development, by the use of a technology demonstration flight, without the penalty of additional design effort or increased risk.

About Oakman Aerospace, Inc.

Oakman Aerospace, Inc. is a private, woman veteran-owned small business focused on total end-to-end space systems engineering providing: rapid and responsive space system architectures, modular spacecraft/satellite design & development, mission/payload and data distribution services, and, specialized RF phenomenology, products and services. More information can be found at

About Teledyne Brown Engineering

Teledyne Brown Engineering is an industry leader in full-spectrum engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions for harsh environments for the space, defense, energy, and marine industries.  For over six decades the company has successfully delivered innovative systems, integration, operations and technology development worldwide. For more information about Teledyne Brown Engineering visit:

About Teledyne Technologies Incorporated

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) is a leading provider of sophisticated instrumentation, digital imaging products and software, aerospace and defense electronics and engineered systems.  Teledyne Technologies has multiple operations in the United States and worldwide.  More information about Teledyne Technologies can be found at

After-School Rocketry Program Takes Flight

STEM Education from OAI Interns

By Oakman Aerospace, Inc. - August 3, 2017

Jaquelyn Romano is going through a pre-launch checklist, looking over the rocket, its payload, and ground station equipment. The University of Colorado Boulder aerospace senior is working with fellow student Lucas Droste as they prepare for a key mission: STEM Education.

The pair are launching a three foot model rocket as part of a middle school aerospace curriculum they are designing as interns at Littleton-based Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI). The aerospace startup founded in 2012 focuses on modeling and simulation applications for small satellite systems. Although K-12 learning is not their main business function, it is a high priority for the company to continue to foster more opportunities to get the next generation involved in STEM fields and careers.

While headquartered in Colorado, they saw significant shortcomings in Michigan, where one of their board members lives. This led OAI to partner with the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) and the Michigan Space Grant Consortium to provide educational opportunities for under-privileged regions within the school district.

"Michigan, as a state, is very oriented toward automotive manufacturing, not aerospace. We wanted to show kids that the same fundamentals of STEM that are in automotive engineering are abundant in other advanced industries as well, and that they can be a part of it,” says Alex Dunn, an OAI Aerospace Engineer.
Similarly, even in aerospace-rich Colorado, which has the second largest aerospace economy in the country, Romano says it is not something most kids learn about in school.

"We didn't do anything with space or aeronautics when I was younger," she says.

Droste agrees, noting his only exposure was in the Boy Scouts, where they launched model rockets. However, the curriculum he and Romano have written is far more involved than what is done in Scouting or even by model rocketry aficionados.

This is not a case of simply igniting an Estes rocket motor with a spark from a few AA batteries, it is a full system design and project based learning curriculum that culminates in a model rocket payload launch to collect flight data for analysis.

"We're hoping to build excitement about aerospace and teach students a little bit about software and electronics," Romano says.

The program is a nine week after-school program that teaches middle-high school aged students about the basics of programming, electronic circuits, and aerospace mechanics. By incorporating computer programming, mobile devices, and a rocket payload of small instruments, Droste and Romano have created a curriculum that boils down college level concepts to middle school comprehension. It begins by establishing the fundaments of computer programming and electronics and progresses through rocket building and payload integration for a final test flight.

“The final test flight includes a payload of sensors to track the flight path of the rocket, air pressure, altitude, temperature, and also has an accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope to collect data to be analyzed by the students post launch,” Droste says.

In addition, the launch itself uses new technology. Students will program a small computer that controls the launch, and actually use their cell phones to wirelessly initiate the countdown.

"We want kids to know smart phones are not just for Candy Crush. You can do cool things once you know how to get into the base code," Dunn says.

The lesson plan, electronics, and assorted parts will soon go to three schools in the EUPISD, with the goal of further expansion if the program does well.  After Michigan, OAI President and Chief Systems Engineer Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr. says they have plans to bring the curriculum to Colorado and eventually nationwide.

“The whole goal of programs like these are to allow youth opportunities to create their own future with the technology that is around us. Giving them the tools to do so is the first step to creating global citizens with an eye for solving the biggest obstacles that await us today and tomorrow,” Kennedy says.
The curriculum development has been just one part of Romano and Droste’s summer internships. Dunn says they have also worked extensively with company’s space modeling and simulation technology as well as product engineering. OAI. considers their summer internships more than just a learning tool for up-and-coming engineers, but rather an opportunity to give real hands-on experience to the future of the industry.
“As a startup, we treat internships as an extended interview process, and hire interns with the intent to bring them into a full time position,” Dunn says, adding that Droste and Romano have been exceptional. “Since we have begun hosting an internship program, this summer has been by far the best yet!”
Further questions regarding the program and internships can be directed to or through

August 2017 Newsletter

By Oakman Aerospace, Inc. - August 2, 2017

August 2017
"Making Space For Everyone"

Launching Into Small Satellite 2017

As the summer comes to a close, OAI is proud to highlight the accomplishments of our summer interns Jaquelyn and Lucas. They have worked hard all summer on STEM outreach, research and develeopment, and new opportunities happening at OAI. We want to show our appreciation to them and their hardwork in this newsletter and announce that OAI is exhibiting for the first time at the 31st Small Satellite Conference in Logan, UT! We hope you will stop by our booth (#13) or share on social media! Thanks for your support and we are proud of all the things going on at OAI!

First Exhibition at 31st Annual Small Satellite Conference

This year’s 31st Small Satellite Conference, in Logan, Utah, USA, will feature a live demonstration of Oakman Aerospace, Inc.’s (OAI) Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network (ACORN) interfacing with a New Space Systems, South Africa, Reaction Wheel Assembly (RWA), to demonstrate how Modular Open-System Architectures (MOSA) are changing the way the world operates in space. OAI’s ACORN product is a scalable, closed-loop, end-to-end mission modeling and simulation platform that enables detailed design, development, and test capabilities throughout the mission life-cycle (Concept Definition through Mission Operations). The system is designed to be modular and is capable of running hardware-in-the-loop, 100% simulated, or a mixture of hardware and simulated components to be able to conduct mission/payload trades and analyses.  ACORN has a vast array of analytical tools and benchmarking software suites that monitor functional and performance aspects of the processor/backplane, sensor/effector, and dynamic/ephemeris data.   Through MOSA design, ACORN also allows for quickly integrating components as will be demonstrated with the New Space Systems RWA at the conference (OAI Booth #13). This demonstration highlights the new partnership between OAI and NSS to assist in bring world class parts manufactured in South Africa into the U.S. market. By leveraging current Intellectual Property and synergies between OAI and NSS, the parties plan to deliver rapid and responsive products and services that support the modular development of small satellite systems, sub-systems and components for greater quality and reduced costs to customers.
Stanley Kennedy, President and Chief Systems Engineer for OAI, commented with the following: “Oakman Aerospace is very excited for this opportunity to continue working with New Space Systems in developing and advancing Modular, open-systems architecture and leveraging the competitive advantage this partnership brings to the United States and world markets. OAI and NSS look forward to providing the best possible engineering products and services for their academic, government, and industry partners.”

OAI Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

On Friday July 14th, OAI was joined by its closest friends and family to help celebrate its 5 year anniversary. For any small business 5 years in business is a huge feat, but for OAI it means so much more. Born from the closure of Comtech AeroAstro, OAI hit the ground running its very first day in business and has been busy ever since. Stanley Kennedy, Jr., Maureen O’Brien, and Stanley Kennedy, Sr. were joined in this endeavor by a handful of Comtech employees, including Warren Langley and Michael Reher, who are still here today. Since then, OAI has grown to 15 hardworking individuals. OAI employees were excited to present Stan, Maureen and Stan Sr. with some congratulatory gifts, including a personalized photo book and a handmade, oak shingle representing the strength and stability that OAI has gained over the past 5 years. Over bar-b-que and some adult beverages, OAI had a chance to play ladder ball, giant jenga and enjoy the company of those that helped to get to where OAI is today. OAI President, Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr. had this to say, “Maureen and I deeply appreciate all that attended our 5 year anniversary celebration. It is because of our friends, family and co-workers that we have been so successful. We would like to especially thank our OAI family, to include owners, operators, employees and family members. We are looking forward to the next 5 years of successes.”

Summer Interns Conduct Test of After-School Rocketry Program

On Wednesday July 19, 2017, Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI) employees and interns went to Dry Creek Park in Longmont, Colorado to perform a test launch for the STEM outreach program they have been working on this summer. The outreach is an after school rocketry program to encourage students in the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) to pursue a career in the aerospace industry or other STEM related fields. The interns at OAI have developed a curriculum that will provide a broad scope of knowledge in electronics, programming, and aerospace engineering which culminates in launching a model rocket using a smart phone. The rocket also carries a Raspberry Pi Zero based payload to collect altitude, pressure, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer data. On July 19, the OAI team successfully launched and recovered their demo rocket and test payload four times ensuring that the rocket could be launched from the smartphone, and that the payload functions as designed. The materials will be shipped to EUPISD later this month, and OAI is excited to be part of this program.


OAI Hosts CSBR Interns for Day of STEM and Career Exploration

Oakman Aerospace Inc. hosted over 30 student participants on the morning of 27 June 2017 as part of the annual CSBR Internship Program for young adults in high school and college interested in the Aerospace field. After a warm welcome and introductory presentation by President and co-founder Stanley O. Kennedy Jr. the participants broke into smaller groups to get started. Activities included a hands-on project developed by OAI University of Colorado Boulder Summer Interns Lucas Droste and Jaquelyn Romano, as well as a clean lab tour and presentation by OAI Aerospace Engineers Alex Dunn and Michael Reher. Jaquelyn and Lucas engineered a do it yourself project enabling the students to understand how a satellite gets inserted into an orbit. Using a Raspberry Pi development board (akin to a mini single-board computer), students were asked to program the appropriate sequence steps allowing direct proper “satellite” insertion. The morning concluded with a lab demonstration – complete with suiting up in clean, electronically safe gowns and booties. The presentation allowed students to view a demonstration of a realistic end-to end simulation, detailing each function and component required to successfully execute a satellite mission. The morning closed with an opportunity to ask questions of OAI’s president and engineering staff completing another year of opening up the doors to the daily functions of an aerospace company. Oakman Aerospace Inc. is proud to be a part of educating young adults with an interest in the aerospace field.

Upcoming Events

Date Event
August 5th-10th Small Satellite Conference Logan, UT Booth #13
August 16th CSBR Beers n' Brats: Annual Networking Social
December 6th CSBR 14th Annual Colorado Space Roundup

Final Thoughts

Exciting news is on the horizon! Keep your eye out for more announcments and developments happenign at OAI! August is set to be a big month for OAI and we look forward to sharing it with you! Follow us on social media to get the most up to date news!

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July 2017 Newsletter

By Oakman Aerospace Inc. - July 20, 2017

July 2017
"Making Space For Everyone"

Five Years of OAI

This summer marks a significant milestone in the history of Oakman Aerospace, Inc.! In the past five years OAI has grown and accomplished many feats, and received much recognition for the work our employees perform day-to-day. This month's newsletter is a brief history of highlights and accomplishments that OAI has been fortunate to be a part of in our now five year history!

Year 1

OAI was founded in 2012, leveraging heritage staff and IP purchased from Comtech AeroAstro upon its closure. Led by Stanley Kennedy, Sr., Stanley Kennedy, Jr., and Maureen O’Brien, OAI embarked on a journey guided by our strong principals and vision focused on “Making Space for Everyone”. In the first year of operations OAI worked with our mission partners, customers, and stakeholders to create a NewSpace company based upon our core business values.  Also the founders, understanding the importance of community participation, made the concerted effort to support and be strong proponents of the Colorado aerospace community through memberships in Colorado Space Coalition (CSC) and The Colorado Space Business Round Table (CSBR).  In addition, we continued development of the ACORN product line in preparation for its initial release. 

Year 2

Following a year of innovation and development, OAI’s ACORN product line was released and began to transform the aerospace industry. Utilizing open architectures and modular systems,  OAI’s ACORN product line enables customers to quickly and efficiently design and develop their space systems saving time and money over the entire life-cycle. In addition, OAI won the prestigious Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year Award” highlighting the advancements of OAI.


Year 3

Continuing to build off an amazing second year, business deals and accolades continued to ramp-up for OAI. Selected as a Top 50 Colorado Company to Watch, OAI created new public-private partnerships for professional and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) outreach initiatives. One of those partnerships brought OAI together with Chatfield Senior High School through NASA’s Center for the Advancement of Science In Space (CASIS) program. OAI Engineers and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) supported Chatfield students in their creation of a bioreactor experiment that would fly to the International Space Station. 

Year 4

In Year 4 OAI continued our extensive international pursuits with visits to Indonesia for the 2016 Communic Conference, a tour in South Africa, and Malta for the 4S Symposium – where OAI had its first exhibit booth! During the year, OAI continued to do great things in the area of STEM outreach, including soaring to 100,000ft with a balloon satellite project. Partnered with Metro State University, OAI flew a payload to participate in the Chase Bank “Ring the Morning Bell for Small Business” advertising campaign. The year came to a close when OAI was selected as the winner of the CSBR Cosmic Contributor Award for 2016! Traditionally given to an individual, for the first time in its 13 year history it was given to OAI as a company - proving the OAI staff truly is the foundation of our success.

Year 5

Although 2017 is not complete, OAI has already had an amazing year! OAI was named a 2017 finalist for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Woman-Owned Business of the Year Award, and was selected by the Michigan Space Grant Consortium to carry-out an after-school rocketry STEM program for under-represented youth in the Upper Peninsula. While OAI continues to execute on its programs and develop our technology, we are sincerely grateful for all of the support we have received over the years. The partners and teammates that have worked with us, assisted us, and improved us are acknowledged as significant contributors to the success of OAI.

Upcoming Activities

Date Event
July 14th Five Year Anniversary Celebration
August 5th-10th Small Satellite Conference Logan, UT Booth #13
August 16th CSBR Beers n' Brats: Annual Networking Social
December 6th CSBR 14th Annual Colorado Space Roundup

Final Thoughts

With the five year anniversary of OAI on July 14th, 2017, we couldn’t be more proud and excited of the work we have done and the future ahead. Thank you for subscribing and supporting OAI! We hope to stay in touch and as always keep you posted on the great things happening at OAI!

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9th Annual Beers, Brats, and Burgers Registration Now Open!

Register Today!

By Oakman Aerospace Inc. - June 15, 2017

(Littleton, CO) - Registration for the 9th Annual Beers, Brats, and Burgers is now open! Beers, Brats, and Burgers, hosted by the Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR), is a forum for expanding personal and professional networks through peers in the industry as well as enjoying some good food and spirits! The event will be held on August 16th and hosted at FATE Brewing Company in Boulder, CO from 4:00pm until 8:00pm. Registration is complementary for CSBR members or $40 for any non-member.  Whether you are a student, professional, or enthusiast, all are invited to come and enjoy the 9th Annual Beers, Brats, and Burgers.

For more information or inquires related to this event, please visit CSBR Beers, Brats, and Burgers or email

Oakman Aerospace Inc. is a participating member of CSBR and a proud sponsor for Beers, Brats, and Burgers.


June 2017 Newsletter

By Oakman Aerospace Inc. - June 1, 2017

June 2017
"Making Space For Everyone"

Subscribe For The Latest Updates!

As a company we do our best to keep you informed on our internal company developments as well as what forces are impacting or shaping the aerospace industry world-wide! We hope you will find this monthly newletter to be insightful and provide you a unique perspective from a small company watching the political and economic factors influencing the industry. If there are things you wish to know more about or hear an opinion on, please feel free to write us back and we will do our best to address your inquiry.

OAI Launches A New Website!

Oakman Aerospace Inc. is excited to roll out our new website! Working with Denver Website Design, we have redone our content and interfaces so as to better promote our company, products, and services. We hope that this new interface will provide for better contact with the public, our customers, and stakeholders that rely on our technology and our information in their day to day operations! With more information and better navigation we hope you are able to find the information you are looking for! If you are struggling to find specific details, please reach out and contact us so we may be able to get you the information you're looking for!

OAI Welcomes New Faces and Talent!

May 15th, was a busy day at the OAI office getting new employees and interns settled into their new OAI offices. OAI welcomed Chad and Jonathon to the staff of now 14 full-time employees along with Jaquelyn and Lucas as OAI summer interns for the 2017 summer. Read More 


MSGC Selects OAI Team for STEM Grant

Oakman Aerospace Inc. and the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District were notified by the Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) that their After School Rocketry Program Grant Request will be funded for the 2017-2018 school year. The After School Rocketry Program is a nine (9) week after school pilot program that focuses on middle to high school students successfully launching a model rocket with a sensor payload and interpreting the flight data from the mission. Read More 

A Busy Summer Ahead

With new employees and projects taking shape, OAI is in for a fun and busy summer ahead! OAI is preparing to celebrate the company's five year anniversary on July 14th, 2017. Invitations will be sent out via mail and email in the following weeks. In addition, OAI is excited to host the Colorado Space Business Roundtable Summer Interns on June 27th for an afternoon full of exploring what it means to be a small business in space!


Upcoming Activities

Date Event
June 27th Colorado Space Business Roundtable Internship Visit
July 14th Five Year Anniversary Celebration
August 5th-10th Small Satellite Conference Logan, UT Booth #13
August CSBR Beers n' Brats: Annual Networking Social
December 6th CSBR 14th Annual Colorado Space Roundup

Final Thoughts

Thank you for making it all the way to the bottom! We appreciate your interest in what we are doing as a company! As we bring this newsletter to a close, we hope that you will forward our newsletter on to others who may be interested and let them know about the awesome things happening at our office! Best said, "Space exploration is a force of nature unto itself that no other force in society can rival" -Neil Tyson. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to next month!

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OAI and EUPISD Selected as Grant Recipients for After School Rocketry Program

OAI STEM After-School Program Funded Through Grant

By Oakman Aerospace Inc. - June 1, 2017

(Denver, CO/Sault Ste. Marie, MI) – In March of 2017, Oakman Aerospace Inc. and the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) were notified by the Michigan Space Grant Consortium that their After School Rocketry Program (ASRP) Grant Request was accepted for the 2017-2018 school year. The After School Rocketry Program is a nine (9) week after school pilot program that focuses on middle to high school students successfully launching a model rocket with a sensor payload and interpreting the flight data from the mission. Over the nine (9) weeks, students will learn computer programing languages, aerodynamics of rocket flight, and fundamentals of aerospace science to deepen their understanding of and experience in aerospace science.

Since 2015, Oakman Aerospace Inc. and the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District have sought to find ways to work together to engage middle school and high school students in STEM related activities. Working together over the past few years, OAI and EUPISD have formed a close working relationship to bring programs and opportunities to an area of Michigan often under-represented in STEM.

“This program is only a first step in bringing greater educational tools and programs to students who otherwise may not have these opportunities. We hope that through success with programs like these that OAI will be able to continue to participate in enriching STEM education throughout our community and the country.” – Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr., President and Chief Systems Engineer at OAI.

“We are very excited for the ASRP partnership.  This opportunity will provide an innovative and unique educational experience for our students, and is a wonderful example of a collaborative partnership between Industry, K-12 education, and the Department of Defense.  We appreciate Oakman Aerospace for offering us the opportunity to work with them on this project, and look forward to the positive impacts that it will have on students.” - Kevin St. Onge, EUP Math and Science Center Director, Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District

Following the announcement of the award, EUPISD has worked with the Michigan DoD STEM Office, nCASE, to secure supplemental DoD STEM funding to assist in off-setting the program costs that will enable more students to be reached.

All parties are looking forward to a successful summer of curriculum planning, development, and training for the first programs to be implemented during the fall semester of 2017.

For more information, please contact:
Oakman Aerospace Inc. Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District
Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr.
President/ CSE
Kevin St. Onge
Mathematics & Science Center Director
+1 303-904-6060 +1 906-203-6117
About Oakman Aerospace
Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI) is a veteran, woman-owned small business focused on total end-to-end space systems engineering providing: rapid and responsive space system architectures, modular spacecraft/satellite design & development, mission/payload and data distribution services, and, specialized RF phenomenology, products and services. More information can be found at

About Eastern Upper Peninsula School District

The Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) works to improve student success by supporting all schools and communities in Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac Counties. The Eastern Upper Peninsula Mathematics and Science Center is one of the 33 regional centers in the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network, and is located at the EUPISD. These centers provide leadership, curriculum support, professional development, and student services to educators in local school districts. The centers also serve as a resource clearinghouse for educational materials and information, and work to foster community involvement in the areas of STEM. The network supports the delivery of high quality STEM education for the students of Michigan. The Eastern Upper Peninsula Mathematics and Science Center works to improve STEM education by providing support for schools in Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac Counties. This support is provided through:
* Professional learning opportunities for teachers
* Student services
* Provision of educational resources and technology
* Supporting connections with community businesses, organizations, and higher education
About nCASE
Headquartered at the Fayette Institute of Commerce and Technology in Uniontown Pennsylvania, nCASE is an outgrowth of the Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (CASE), which was established in June 2006 with funding from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), National Defence Education Program (NDEP).  nCASE continues to be a response to President Bush’s 2006 State-of-the-Union Address during which he announced the American Competitiveness Initiative (ACI) to encourage American innovation and strengthen our nation’s ability to compete in the global economy.  This ambitious strategy increased federal investment in critical research as part of its efforts to ensure that the U.S. continues to lead the world in opportunity and innovation and provide American children with a strong foundation in math and science. 

*This program is made possible in part by: Michigan DoD STEM Office, US ARMY TARDEC, National Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (

New Faces of the OAI Family

By Oakman Aerospace Inc. - May 31, 2017

(Littleton, CO) – May 15th, was a busy day at the OAI office getting new employees and interns settled into their OAI offices. OAI welcomed Chad and Jonathon to the staff of now 14 full-time employees, along with Jaquelyn and Lucas as OAI summer interns for the 2017 summer. Chad & Jonathon will support software development efforts to including enhancements to OAI’s ACORN product line. Jaquelyn and Lucas join OAI from CU Boulder where they are both preparing for their senior year in the fall of 2017 to complete bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering.

Maureen O’Brien expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for having the new hires come on board: “OAI is growing! Our technologies and our people never cease to impress me. Every day we are finding more and more ways to expand and enhance our products and services that afford us the opportunity to hire the best Colorado has to offer. OAI continues delivering on our promise of ‘Making Space for Everyone’.”

In talking with the new employees, we asked them a few questions related to joining OAI:

What excites you about OAI?

“The opportunity to develop new, cost-effective, and modular designs while maintaining flight reliability excites me about working at OAI.  I think we have a unique opportunity to leave our mark on the industry and adapt some highly scalable technologies.” - Jonathon

What stood out to you on your first day?

“Starting at Oakman, I immediately felt the comradery among all of the employees and it made me feel at ease with my new job just walking in the door. I definitely was very happy to see that some of my coworkers bring their dogs to work which discourages a stressful environment. Everyone was very welcoming to the new hires and they definitely made it clear that they were happy to have us join the team. Within the first hour I was very excited about the upcoming projects and I could tell that my work would be very valuable to the projects that I was assigned. My first day exceeded my expectations!” -Jaquelyn

What brought you to OAI?

“I came to OAI because they provide a unique opportunity to their interns by allowing them hands on experience working on actual projects. This first-hand experience will give me insight on not only careers in the aerospace industry, but also the role small businesses play in the future of space exploration.” - Lucas

What do you think is the difference between OAI and the other companies you’ve worked at?

“I think the biggest difference is the attitude of the people who work here. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. Many companies claim to have a team oriented culture when in reality everyone is in competition. At OAI, it really does feel like we are a team working towards a common goal. It makes it a lot easier to come into the office and work hard every day knowing that my coworkers have my back.” -Chad

OAI is excited to have Chad, Jonathon, Jaquelyn, and Lucas join our team. For information related to joining OAI, visit

25th Annual Frank J. Redd Student Competition Deadline

Paper Submission Deadline Drawing Near

By Oakman Aerospace Inc. - April 13, 2017

Undergraduate and post-graduate students are invited to participate in the 25th Annual Frank J. Redd Student Competition. The competition will be held in conjunction with the 31st Annual American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)/Utah State University (USU) Conference on Small Satellites, taking place August 5-10, 2017 in Logan, Utah, USA.

The Student Competition provides undergraduate and post-graduate students with the opportunity to share their work on small satellite concepts and missions. Awards are given to competition finalists presenting at the Small Satellite Conference with the number and dollar values of the awards determined on a yearly basis. This is a tremendous opportunity for students to showcase their works to industry, government, and academia. Many of our finalists have received job offers and/or interviews on the spot as a result of their participation.

This year’s Student Competition papers will be due by April 18, 2017. For questions regarding the Student Competition or general Small Satellite Conference information, please contact Marianne Sidwell at +01.435.713.3119 or Visit for complete rules and guidelines.

Please encourage your students to submit papers for consideration and showcase in the Frank
J. Redd Student Competition. I am looking forward to your reply concerning your students’ involvement.

Best Regards,
Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr.
Frank J. Redd Student Competition Chair

Oakman Aerospace Inc., OEI Opto AG, and BridgeSat, Inc. Announce Collaboration for “Total Optical Communications Package”

Denver, Zurich, and Boston (Aug 17, 2016) — Today, Oakman Aerospace, Inc., OEI Opto AG, and BridgeSat, Inc., announced a collaboration to work towards developing optical communication systems capabilities, utilizing the OEI OPTEL-μ® miniature laser terminal, BridgeSat’s developing global optical communications ground network, and the Oakman Aerospace mission analysis and modeling capabilities.

Under this collaboration, Oakman Aerospace, OEI, and BridgeSat plan to work towards offering a total optical communications package that reliably provides secure and effective data delivery for satellite operators at a higher rate than typical RF systems.

Oakman Aerospace is a pioneer of rapid and responsive space technologies, and has developed mission analysis and integrated atmospheric modeling and simulations that are well suited for the complexities of optical communications mission planning.

OEI is a supplier of opto-electronic products for the space industry in Europe, and is developing a high performance, micro sized optical terminal for small/micro-satellites, known as the OPTEL-μ® miniature laser terminal.

BridgeSat is developing and deploying an expansive optical communications ground network that will be compatible with the OEI OPTEL-μ® laser terminal, and will be able to utilize the analysis performed by Oakman Aerospace.

“We are pleased to be able to provide satellite operators our high-performance laser terminals, which offer higher data rates than other RF communications solution. This partnership with BridgeSat and Oakman Aerospace ensures that the operators’ valuable data can be downlinked reliably,” said Elisabetta Rugi, General Manager of OEI.

“Our collaboration will ensure optical communication mission success for satellite operators, who can benefit from the high fidelity analysis that will be performed by Oakman Aerospace, and validated together with OEI and BridgeSat,” said Stanley Kennedy Jr., President and Chief Systems Engineer of Oakman Aerospace.

“This collaboration will leverage each party’s expertise and technologies to enable us to effectively and efficiently support satellite operators in their efforts to handle the accelerating demand and quantity of data being transmitted from LEO satellites,” said John Serafini, co-General Manager of BridgeSat. “Overcoming the issues of traditional radio-frequency downlink of data has the potential to solve a problem that has long plagued hardware and satellite manufacturers.”