Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network (ACORN)

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The Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network (ACORN) is a closed-loop, end-to-end mission modeling and simulation platform that enables detailed design, development, and test capabilities that simulates, in real-time, the behavior of an intended satellite mission to include:

integration and test with representative flight scenarios

flight software development and/or integration

functional and performance test metrics

flight processor in the loop modeling and analysis

mission concept of operations evaluation and verification in a mission operation configuration

hardware-in-the-loop or faster than real-time (full software) simulation capability

full (system, subsystem, and component) end-to-end benchmark and performance testing

guidance, navigation, and control modeling and analysis

communications modeling and analysis

ACORN is a modular and scalable platform that allows you to reuse and expand capability as your mission develops without paying for unneeded capabilities.


Sim-in-a-Box (S)


ACORN-S is the base line model that enables:

  • High fidelity simulated space environment and component modeling with configurable scenarios
  • Modular ADCS and telemetry flight software
  • Ground telemetry and STK 3D visualization interfaces
  • FSW development environment*
  • Payload and component Hardware I/O integration*


Rack Mounted (R)


A set up from the ACORN-S, the ACORN-R builds on top of the ACORN-S to expand functionally to enable:

  • External Flight Processor for flight software and hardware I/O
  • Real-time OS for simulation environment and flight software
  • Modular integration of component(s) or payload(s)
  • Ground Software and mission operations integration *
  • BESSe toolset


Modular Test-Bed (MT)


The last progression is the full ACORN-MT which incorporates all of the previous hardware &software and adds new functionally for:

  • Fully modular (re-configurable) testbed spacecraft platform for integration of complete set spacecraft components and payload
  • Full development, integration and test toolset that supports full development cycle*
  • Complete ground software/mission-ops*
Ala Carte Add-ons Depending on Mission and Customer Needs:

+CS: Customizable simulation scenarios
+FSW: Flight software (ADCS, Command and Telemetry)
+FDEV: APIs and development environment for developing user flight applications
+IO external hardware interfaces for payload or component testing
+GS: Ground software (command and telemetry) flight user interface
+Support: Monthly support

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