Specializing in rapid and responsive modular technology, OAI utilizes a unique, tailored and modern approach to the traditional satellite development process that enables spacecraft providers and integrators to reduce Cost, Schedule, and Risk when pursuing satellite missions, payloads, and applications.

Founded following the closure of Comtech AeroAstro in 2012, Oakman Aerospace, Inc. retains and continues to commercialize the intellectual property of modular open-system architectures (MOSA) and rapid and responsive space system designs to enable space for everyone.

Working both domestically and internationally, Oakman Aerospace Inc. has the capability and advanced technology to turn any paper-napkin idea into a reality in the space and satellite industry through modern technology applied to traditional space.

Subject Matter Experts in:

  • Rapid and Responsive Spacecraft Design
  • Sub-system and Component Level AI&T
  • Component Performance Verification & Test
  • Modular Open-System Architectures
  • System, Sub-system, and Component Modeling & Simulation
  • Payload Development, Science, & Applications
  • Integration & Test Services
  • Software Design & Development
  • System Design Optimization & Review
  • Custom & Applied System Engineering Process
  • U.S. International Export Regulations

Technology Areas:

Modular Architectures

Our modular open system architecture is a key component in our tailored systems engineering approach.

Rapid & Responsive Designs

We focus on missions with rapid and responsive needs and designs, and are dynamic in our approach to these missions.

Boutique Missions and Payloads

Our systems engineering approach is unique to OAI, and allows us to accommodate a variety of missions & payloads.



The Advanced Configurable Open-Research Network (ACORN) is a closed-loop, end-to-end space system modeling and simulation platform that enables detailed design, development and test capabilities.

Reduces mission cost by 25-32%

Supports processor-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop or faster than real-time (full software) simulation capability.


Our suite of software allows for streamlined mission planning, requirement satisfaction, and baseline mission hardware for integration.

Maintained in house, OAI software enables modular, open-architecture systems to achieve their potential for providing new space platforms and configurations the flexibility and dexterity to handle any payload, mission, and component.


Systems Engineering

As a small business, OAI manages large company processes while maintaining small company flexibility and service.

See how our uniquely tailored systems engineering approach can be applied to your mission/project to reduce cost and schedule while reducing risk and meeting technical requirements.

Modeling & Simulation

Modeling and simulation is maintained in-house to include physics based environmental models, component generic and specific models of all various spacecraft components, and event driven simulation architecture to provide the best fidelity and value through our modular, open-systems.